Private Anti-Aging
Quality of Life Enhancement
Ovary Unkeeping
Rehabilitation of Pelvic Muscles
Rehabilitation Of Recatus Abdomins
Postparturm Recovery
Urinary Incotinence Reduction
Women's Private Health Improvement


Rhea light mini is light and practical. It is accurate and safe without reducing energy, and has multiple advantages, such as deep penetration , fast effect , short treatment course, lasting effect, and with wide indications to ensure that the energy of each applicator can evenly penerate the entire muscle tissue. It has been recognized and widely used by goabl theaters due to its convenience, non-invasive and quick results. 

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Revolutionary Technology 

Through multi-frequency radio waves, heating acts on the connective tissues in the private depth, reorganizing  elastic fibers to promote a large amount os new collagen , and maintaining a safe temperature on the surface. 


Achievable Effect After Treatment 

Firmness +80% 

Pelvic floor muscle control +30%

Urinary incontinence reduction- 2.8 points 

ltching symptoms -18.5%

Six hormone levels +30%

Underlying muscle reconstruction +6.3 points 

Somatic function +65%

VAL applicator 

It is designed to fit the vaguinal wall, which is safe and comfortable to care for the inner membrane. 

Strictly selected biomedical metal material with strong energy conductivly and stable performance. 

VUL applicator (Vulva , Body)

The unique designed multi-site applicator is more suitable for use. Seclected medical metal materials. Excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. The energy acts on the skin efficiently. Intelligent control settings is warm and comfortable. 

Unique medical applicator 

Strictly, selected high-quality medical materials, with high energy efficiency on the skin .

Smart chip 

The intelligent indetification the applicator is new, and high-persion energy output at one time to ensure that the right person for a speical use. 

Safe, hygienic and comfortable 

Medical disposable applicator , safe , hygienic intelligent temperature control, comfort level enhancement. 


Sensitivity: Vaginal sensitivity and quality of life enhancemnet.

Lubrication: Effectively improve vaginal dryness and women's private health improvement.

Rebirth:Awaken the cell function in the sensitive area and bring back pinkish and youthful for private area.